Why is my account suspended?

Your account may be suspended for the following reasons:

  • Failure to pay an invoice before the due date (e.g. expired credit card)
  • Breach of our acceptable usage policy (e.g. hosting a gaming server)
  • Breach of our terms and conditions (e.g. hosting content illegal under AU law)
  • A serious abuse allegation (e.g. your service is distributing a virus)


The steps to un-suspend differ depending on the circumstance:

An unpaid invoice

In most cases simply logging into the Crucial Control Panel and paying any unpaid invoice(s) will automatically reactive the service within a few minutes.

Not all services automatically reactivate after a payment has been made. For some products (usually legacy products) reactivation is manual.

In these cases contact us and we can quickly resolve.

Breach of Acceptable Usage Policy, Terms & Conditions or serious Abuse allegation

Where there is a clear breach of our Acceptable Usage Policy, Terms & Conditions or a serious Abuse allegation we will manually need to reactive the service.

Please submit a request to our Billing department. We'll always do our best to resolve any breach quickly however we cannot provide any general timeframes given the wide variety of issues.