Cancelling a Service

As the majority of our services do not have contracts you can cancel your service at any time before your next billing cycle (hopefully you're not leaving us completely though!)

For security reasons we require all cancellation requests to be submitted via the Crucial Control Panel.

To cancel your service:

  1. Log into the Crucial Control Panel

  2. Click on My Services


  3. Click on the service you intend to cancel. If you have multiple, be very careful to ensure you're choosing the right one.

  4. Click on the Request Cancellation button.

  5. Complete the form and click Submit Request (we'd love some comments too)

    Note: You can select when you would like the service cancelled between Immediately or at the End of your Billing Cycle. When in doubt we suggest the End of your Billing Cycle.


  6. A pop-up should let you know your cancellation request has been submitted.